Friday, April 6, 2pm

Come to Chez Poulet – April 29th 2012, for food, live music from Ralph Carney with Beth CusterRob Reich and Randy Odell accompanying a selection of short films directed by Georges Méliès, plus various other silent movies with Radio Valencia DJ sets from Ferrara Brain Pan of “No Such Program“, DJ McSchmormac of “Gramophoney Baloney“, and even a live classical guitar recital from Dr. Fiasco of  “Nose Hair Lint Gland“!

Georges Méliès from "Le portrait mystérieux" (1899)


7:55 Doors Open (unreserved seating on first come basis)

8:00-9:00 Selection of silent movies including Alexander Hammid’s Private Life Of A Cat and a couple of Man Ray films along with a live-mixed DJ soundtrack by Ferrara Brain Pan of Radio Valencia’s “No Such Program“, during which time dinner will be served (8:10) – selection of curry dishes including vegetarian/vegan-friendly options

9:00-10:30 (approx) MAIN FEATURE: A selection of short 1900s short films by special effects pioneer Georges Méliès, with live improvised musical accompaniment by Ralph Carney with Beth Custer, Rob Reich and Randy Odell

10:30-10:45 (approx) Dr. Fiasco of  Radio Valencia’s “Nose Hair Lint Gland” will perform a classical guitar accompaniment to “Fine Dining” a short silent film written & directed by his friend Dean Mermell

10:45 (approx) A vintage silent movie selection accompanied by primitive silent movie-era sound reproductions with DJ McSchmormac of Radio Valencia’s “Gramophoney Baloney


Admission:$20  – All-inclusive for: meal, entertainments and even popcorn!

Limited reservations available through: Brown Paper Tickets

Avoid disappointment – book now!

Ralph Carney - who will be performing live!

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