Check Out These Sweet New Shows On Our Schedule!

Thursday, April 12, 3pm

Radio Valencia is very pleased to welcome some great new shows to our weekly schedule.
We hope our listeners will enjoy checking these out…


  • 12-2am: Ribbon Around A Bomb – DJ La Langua presents brutality and destruction in a pretty f*******g package.  Tune in for femme aggression and abrasion featuring female-fronted punk, hardcore, and post-punk from the 1970s to today.
  • 6-8pm: Coré Vida – DJ Coré Vida offers a varied and in-depth exploration of The Great Void, featuring a mix of world, local, noise, obscure/experimental, opera, classical, dance, industrial, macabre, folk, and blues music. Filling the emptiness with hand-picked music, interviews, stories, and special guests – one radio program at a time.


  • 12-2am: Fog City Soul Radio – The weekly radio show for your heart and soul. Join Deejay BoHandles in the midnight hour and mellow out to some smooth and funky B-side grooves to end your weekend on the right note.
  • 6-8pm: Eclectic Dyspepsia - Pirate Vereker and DJ Lo_Key administer a tasty little remedy of musical diversity to soothe Monday’s bitter ailments.


  • 10pm-12am: The Mission Position – Are you having problems with your love life?  Do you want some more? Co-hosts Kate Willett and Matt Lieb are not licensed sex doctors, but they will give you sound advice (after which you should certainly seek a second opinion).  Tune in to discuss your sex, love, and relationship issues with guests including local comedians, artists, and people who have been exposed by the SF Weekly for questionable ethics and small-scale white collar crime.


  • 12-2am: Chromatic Aberrations - A free floating web of Noise, Experimental, Audio Collage and anything else that fits the aesthetic of the soundscape. Expect some blending of sonic layers and other audio trickery along the way, with your host Curmudge.
  • 10am-12pm: Spontaneous Innuendos – DJ Faco brings on mega compositions of dialogue with a sprinkle of genius. Freestyle follows with pounding intellectual vernacular. Comedy is the remedy when having your eardrums focused upon the show. The musical universe is exposed, to fill you with beats and truth. Requests are always appreciated.


  • 8am-10am: Miss Deena’s Vinyl Escapade – The return of the charming Miss Deena! Bringing you a vinyl-only program from many musical eras, with an emphasis on obscure cult bits mixed with rare-ish late seventies and eighties new wavy stuff.
  • 10am-12pm: Strickly Business – Cosmic adventures and sonic stuff with DJ Bluebonnet.
  • 8-10pm: In My Boom – Original electronic/dance music from the bedroom studios of San Francisco, with DJ Gavin Hardkiss.
And there are yet more shows to be added to the schedule in coming weeks, so stay posted!

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