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AHOY! Thursday March 1st on CO & RO, Marcus Da Anarchist founder of PyratePunx Wolrdwide sails his ship into the studio

March 1, 2012
5:35 pm

Chief Blackdawg

Best tune in from 6:00-8:00pm tonight Thursday March 1st for a very special episode of COLD ONES & ROLLED ONES with Ami LawLess. Local Real Life Super Hero and all around community leader Marcus “Blackdawg” Da Anarchist will be sailing  through the studio.Oh yeah and he is the founder of PyratePunx Worldwide, who has chapters all over the globe now/originally starting here in Frisco by the bay. The stuff that comes outta this guy’s mouth runs the gamut from unbelievably profound to WTF! He may be dropping some words of wisdom  tonight- so best do yourself a favor and  listen in and if so inclined call in and wish him a Happy B-day. His 41st is this weekend, culminating in a weekend long annual music fest. Now drink ye rum and give a shwig to Chief Blackdawg too!

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CO & RO gets all gnarly! Thurs Nov 3rd, 2011

November 3, 2011
8:43 pm

High Fives and stage dives to IN DEFENCE (from Mnpls) for moshing through the Rad-Val studios tonight! They’re playing 3 Bay Area gigs over the next 72 hours – –> so go see them!!! Tonight at Sub/Mission in SF, tomorrow at Gilman and Saturday a teary eyes farewell at the Church of the Buzzard in Oakland-of-the-dead…AARRGGHH!

We spun some ass-kicking hardcore punk tonight, just the way y’all like it, including quite a few tracks off the new IN DEFENCE album “Party Lines & Politics” (Profane Existence). The IN DEFENCE dudes also had delivered a CD from So-Cal homies OUT OF TUNE (Big Mike & Uncle Maury’s H/C band). It’s titled “House of Lies” and is a circle pit coming straight the the headphones. Made sure to give this disk some air play as well…pretty fucking sick and most def for fans of SMD (of course), early SUICIDAL, NO MERCY and STRUNG UP)….got the party started with a track from VITAMIN X and a  shitload of tracks from DISKOIRRAA (from Basque Country) and managed to squeeze in some EGYPTIAN LOVER too.

Hope to start getting the weekly play-lists up so for now just go download the podcast and brain-teaze your way into guessing whats/what.

Hit me up if you’d like to come on the show or just wanna shoot the shit about music…cheers Ax Lawless

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Thurs Oct 27th,2011; The DAMNED on CO & RO

October 28, 2011
7:48 am

Hey all thnx for tuning in last night! It was a semi All Hallowes Eve themed show and what better time to have Captain Sensible of UK legends The DAMNED call in. The Captain was in rare form talking about their releases DAMNED,DAMNED, DAMNED & THE BLACK ALBUM and their current 35 Anniversary Tour. Captain also talked about when The RAMONES came to London for the first time, kick starting the punk scene there and who was in attendance….pure punk history!

Also one of the Occupy Oakland medic camp activists called in to ask for medical supplies and talk about whats going over there.

This show will be available as a podcast in the next day or two. So please chek back.

Also bands/labels that want airplay; I play hardcore/punk/metal…so with this in mind, you can get ahold of me at;

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The DAMNED Tonight Thursday October 27th on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones

October 27, 2011
2:05 pm

‘Tis the season for all good punx  to break out the appropriate music for All Hallow’s Eve. So on this very special edition of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, we will be spinning some true spooky punk classics! Along with the chaos, members of the THE DAMNED will be calling in to talk about their first album DAMNED, DAMNED,DAMNED as well as their fourth release the BLACK ALBUM. Which is all they will be playing on the 35th Anniversary Tour they are currently doing.  You’ve been warned!! Also some homies that are involved with the Occupy Oakland will call in and let us know whats going on across the bridge.



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UPCOMING GUESTS on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones

May 27, 2011
12:27 pm

keep yr ears tuned in this summer for some ass kicking individuals gonna come shake the radiovalenciafm studios with Ami Lawless.

upcoming guests include; John from one of my favorite bands FUNERAL PYRE, Tyson from Alaskan death metal legends DOWNSPELL, Nick promoter of SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER II and his band ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST- also some of the bands playing SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER II will be calling in to dish the thrash dirt across our airwaves. A few of the film makers from the Hole in the Head 8 Film Fest will swing by and damn who knows who else! best that you just keep it tuned in on Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm Bay Area Time Zone!

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COLD ONES & ROLLED ONES with Ami Lawless

February 5, 2011
11:42 pm

AHOY to all the punx, thrashers and head bangers! thnx to everybody  that’s been listening each Thursday! I’ve been having a blast chatting with movers & shakers while playing some killer hardcore, punk n metal.  stay tuned for playlists and upcoming guests.

Big thnx to past guests; Joshua Grannall/Peaches Christ (film maker of ALL ABOUT EVIL), Dave Witte (MUNICIPAL WASTE/BURNT BY THE SUN, BLACK ARMY JACKET etc.), Al Quint (Suburban Voice magazine/Sonic Overload Radio/MRR), Laurie Sue (Vo-killist LUDICRA), LA PLEBE (SF punx), Billy Gould (FAITH NO MORE/BRUJERIA & Kool Arrow Records), Susanne Tabata (film maker of  BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED), BOBBY JOE EBOLA & The CHILDREN McNUGGETS, Ace of Reality Check T.V., Ryan Bartek (punk journalist/musician- been on twice), Dr. Dave Gordon (veterinarian), Marcus Blackdawg (PYRATE PUNX), Athena & Jeff (6 Weeks Records/ Short Fast & Loud), Ben (POPULATION REDUCTION), Tonus (Rampage Radio KUSF), INSANITY (Bay Area death metalers), J The-Joint (KITTENDONKEYPUNCH & Diablo Valley PYRATE PUNX), INSTANT ASSHOLE (Bay Area Hardcore), Eric Wood (BASTARD NOISE/MAN IS THE BASTARD), Rich Hoak (BRUTAL TRUTH/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION), Frank (P.L.F.), Cynthia  (DESPISE YOU), Randy Rampage (D.O.A. & ANNIHILATOR), BATTLEMASTER (black-thrash from Richmond VA), BLACK AMERICA (Bay Area punx), Taggert Seigel (filmmaker of Queen of the Sun), BADR VOGU (Oakland blues crust), BLOWN TO BITS (Bay Area death crust), Merle Allen (MURDER JUNKIES), Bitty (DRESDEN & WARTORN) & who knows who i’m forgetting at this time- ARRGGHH! stay tuned in for more awesome guests and killer music! thnx for supporting this show and, we could not do this without you.

bands/labels that want some airplay/promotion get in touch at


Ax LawLess

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