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AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop! Playlist for January 2, 2012

Tuesday, January 3

Tonight, I celebrated my birthday by playing a few of my favorite “birthday” songs in the opening set, then counting down my Top 11 Albums and Top 11 EP’s of 2011 on “DJ AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop!”. But instead of counting them down as two separate lists, I shuffled them together so I played an album track followed by an EP track. That way, we reached the Number One Album and Number One EP at the end of the show.

This made for some interesting programming. Song I never would have put together ended up playing back to back, with some interesting results. Also, because I played little two-song sets, instead of my usual four or five song sets, there was a lot more of me talking about the music, the bands, and the records. I hope listeners didn’t find it too boring. Still the music is excellent, and well worth suffering through any of my inanities.

My criteria for compiling the lists were pretty simple. The album or EP had to be released in 2011. It had to be solid, no filler or remixes. And I had to have played it on the air at some point. This cut out a few really good records that only came out at the tail end of 2011 when I was playing holiday music. These I’ll reclassify as “early 2012” recordings for consideration on next year’s list.

Still this left me with quite a few records to chose from, especially on the EP list. I think this might be due to economics. EPs are a bit cheaper to put out than a full length, and considering the job market in the Bay Area right now, it’s not too surprising that more local bands released EPs than full-lengths. But I decided not to limit my lists to local Bay Area bands only. Just no major label or major touring band stuff, so you won’t find a lot on my lists that show up on the Best of 2011 lists from Pitchfork or Spin or (heaven forbid) Rolling Stone.

After that, the selection process was based on my own subjective impressions and evaluations of the records. So maybe these lists say more about my personal taste than about the state of music today in general. But one thing it does say is there is a wide variety of amazingly good and well crafted music being made in small markets like the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are the lists . . . .

DJ AmperDan’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

  1. The She’s – And Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer
  2. The Love Me Nots – The Demon and The Devotee
  3. The Trophy Fire – Modern Hearts
  4. The Hundred Days – Really?
  5. The Ettes – Wicked Will
  6. The Wrong Words – The Wrong Words
  7. Those Darlin’s – Screws Get Loose
  8. Lia Rose – When You Need Me Most
  9. Excuses for Skipping – Tonic for Hysteria
  10. Dominant Legs – Invitation
  11. Girl in A Coma – Exits and All The Rest                                                   & The Bangles – Sweethearts of The Sun (a tie)

DJ AmperDan’s Top 11 EPs of 2011

  1. The Bruises – Motion Light
  2. Ash Reiter – Heatwave
  3. The Soft White Sixties – The Soft White Sixties EP
  4. The Dollyrots – Arrested Youth
  5. The Hot Toddies – Bottoms Up
  6. Survival Guide – Hot Lather Machine
  7. TIGERcat! – The TIGERcat! EP
  8. Nostalghia – Cool for Chaos
  9. Lilac – Lilac EP
  10. Hate Factory — Tecatepocalypse
  11. The Frail – Lazer Over Lovers

As I said, I shuffled them together so . . . here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • Concrete Blonde – Happy Birthday
  • “Sheriff” John Rovich – The Birthday Polka
  • The Love Me Nots – Birthday Present
  • Cracker – Happy Birthday To Me
  • The Bangles – Anna Lee
  • Girl in A Coma – Smart
  • Dominant Legs – Hoop of Love
  • Hate Factory – Ferry Song
  • Excuses for Skipping – Tonic for Hysteria
  • Lilac – Cathedral
  • Lia Rose – The Day Before
  • Nostalghia – Drug Lord
  • Those Darlings – Screws Get Loose
  • TIGERcat! – Juice
  • The Wrong Words – Summer’s Gone
  • Survival Guide – The Walls
  • The Ettes – Excuse
  • The Hot Toddies – Green and Gold
  • The Hundred Days – Girl at A Party
  • The Dollyrots – Playing with Fire
  • Mister Loveless – Nineties Children
  • The Trophy Fire – Modern Hearts
  • The Soft White Sixties – Live in The Evening
  • The Love Me Nots – Demon
  • Ash Reiter – Oakland
  • The She’s – Jimmy
  • The Bruises – Motion Light

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