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AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop! Playlist for February 20, 2012

Wednesday, February 22

My recent trip to Los Angeles had a bit of an influence on this week’s edition of “DJ AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop!”. I was there to visit friends and see some performances, but who knew that they would make such an impression on the show? So much so that they almost completely pushed any NoisePop! bands off the playlist.  Well, them and a bunch of new releases . . .


While I was in L.A., my concert buddy Daryl contacted me and asked if I want to go to McCabe’s and see a band called Jackshit. This is a local supergroup made up of former members of Cracker, The Attractions (yes, Elvis Costello’s band), and various guests. They are amazingly talented and entertaining. But the big moment for me was when Susanna Hoffs (of The Bangles) joined them to sing “To Sir With Love” and “Manic Monday”. A brief moment, but a major one indeed.

Later that week, Daryl again rang me up and asked if I wanted to join him at The Grammy Museum to see Michelle Phillips talk about her days in The Mamas and The Papas. Since I’ve loved The Mamas and The Papas  and those signature vocal harmonies as long as I can remember, this was a no brainer. Michelle didn’t sing, but then we didn’t expect her to. But she did tell a lot of stories about how the group was put together, how John Phillips worked out their harmonies, and just what really happened to get her kicked out of the band for those six months. She was bright, witty, amusing, and still as sexy as ever.

And of course, the reason I was in L.A. was to see Lia Rose play at Lot 1 Café with Kelly McFarling and fellow Or, The Whaler Tim Marcus. The three of them joined forces to play two sets. One featuring Kelly McFarling in the lead role, with Lia and Tim backing her up; and one with Lia taking the lead, with Kelly and Tim in the backing roles.

I have been a fan of Lia Rose since I first heard her band Built for The Sea a few years ago. And I was very pleased when I heard she was joining Or, The Whale (one of my favorite Bay Area bands). And as a solo performer, Lia is just as amazing as she is when she’s surrounded by other amazing musicians. He voice is so moving, and her songs are so lovely . . . And her choice of cover songs and her rearrangements of them are brilliant. I can’t say enough about this amazing musician.

I was talking with Lia before the show, and she asked if I had heard Kelly McFarling. I hadn’t, and Lia said I was going to be blown away. And she was right. Kelly has a beautiful voice, a great stage presence, and a deft hand at songwriting. I was totally impressed. As I think you will be. Check out her music in my second set of the show.

All around, it was a night of beautiful singing, amazing vocal arrangements, and stellar songs. Plus there were three other performances that night as well!

One that really impressed me was a young woman named Nettie Rose. Nettie plays in a modern Americana style, with lots of jazz and country inflections as well. She currently lives and works in Santa Monica, but she spent some time in Oakland. And The Bay Area has influenced and features prominently in her songs. I was so impressed that I bought her demo CD, and played a selection from it in my opening set.

The other driving influence on my song selection for this show was the crop of new releases I received this week. I’ll leave it to you to give them a listen, but I’ll point them out here . . .

  • Mister Loveless – “Wild Summer” from their newly released Daytrotter Session (2/14/12).
  • Persephone’s Bees – “We’ve Just Begun”
  • DangerMaker – “You’re Not There”
  • Love The Bomb – “Hot Stuff” from their new EP “Love The Bomb”
  • And some new to me tracks from Felsen and The Jay Trainer Band.

Of course, I think they are all brilliant, otherwise why would I have played them? But really, these are records that you, my loyal listeners, should seek out and buy. As well you should seek out all these musicians and see them play live. It’s what is going to keep our local music scene alive!

Of course, if you missed any or all of the show, you can get caught up by listening to the podcast.

And speaking of the podcast . . .

You can listen to this show, any past show, or any of the other Radio Valencia show by visiting our website (, clicking the “Podcast” link, and scrolling to the show. There you can download, stream, or subscribe to the podcast of any Radio Valencia show. I suggest you shop around. That’s what makes a station like Radio Valencia so much fun. It’s eclectic.

You can subscribe to my show by visiting  . . . “!” That way you never miss a one.

Now here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • The Mama and The Papas – California Dreamin’
  • Susanna Hoffs – To Sir with Love
  • Nettie Rose – To The West
  • Hate Factory – Ferry Song
  • Kelly McFarling – Distractible Child
  • Books on Tapes – Carnival Lights
  • Lia Rose – Waiting For The End
  • Blank Tapes – We Can Do What We Want To
  • The Love Dimension – Living in Atlantis
  • Persephone’s Bees – We’ve Just Begun
  • He’s My Brother She’s My Sisters – Escape Tonight
  • Dangermaker – You’re Not There
  • The Trophy Fire – Modern Hearts
  • Mister Loveless – Wild Summer
  • Kill Moi – The Stranger Kiss
  • Excuses for Skipping – Apocalypstick
  • Fake Your Own Death – Bombs Don’t Show Up
  • Seeking Empire – Liar Liar
  • Felsen – Mary You Could Be Happy
  • The Love Me Nots – Make Up Your Mind
  • The Jay Trainer Band – Lovely in Black
  • Debbie and The Rocketeers – Old Boots
  • Kodacrome – Modern Man
  • Love The Bomb – Hot Stuff
  • The Frail – Sex is What Sex Sells
  • The She’s – Kids of Rock



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