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AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop! Playlist for March 19, 2012

Tuesday, March 20

I didn’t get to go to SXSW again this year. And while all my favorite Bay Area bands were in Austin, I had nothing to do but to read accounts of their pop music glory and remember when I too was enjoying the warm Texas nights and bar-b-que. So this week “DJ AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop!” takes a short look back at the music that reminds me of SXSW, plus a whole bunch of music from bands with upcoming Bay Area shows.


Don’t really have a lot to say about the show other than it was a lot of fun to do, as always. And the music was pretty amazing, as always.

So this week I’ll just leave it at that, and let the show speak for itself, in the form of the podcast, which I can’t wait to hear.

And speaking of the podcast . . .

You can listen to this show, any past show, or any of the other Radio Valencia show by visiting our website (, clicking the “Podcast” link, and scrolling to the show. There you can download, stream, or subscribe to the podcast of any Radio Valencia show. I suggest you shop around. That’s what makes a station like Radio Valencia so much fun. It’s eclectic.

You can subscribe to my show by visiting  . . . “!” That way you never miss a one.

Now here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • Tres Chicas – Drop Me Down
  • LoveLikeFire – From A Tower
  • Scissors for Lefty – Ornamental
  • The Love Me Nots – End of The Line
  • The Blacks – Gravitas
  • The Ettes _ Don’t Bring Me Down
  • The Bruises – Friction
  • Phantom Kicks – Eyes Familiar
  • Excuses for Skipping – Apocalypstick
  • Abby Travis – Rosetta
  • Whispertown – Open The Other Eye
  • Zodiac Death Valley – La Razon
  • Ash Reiter – Heatwave
  • The Wrong Words – Wrong Again
  • SorryEverAfter – Constellations
  • A B & The Sea – Yellow Haired Girl
  • The Dollyrots – My Best Friend’s Hot
  • Stripmall Architecture – We Are Not Cool
  • Please Do Not Fight – Silence My Skin
  • Survival Guide – A Moment
  • Odessa Chen – The Wild Parakeets of The Carolinas
  • Silver Swans – He Doesn’t Know Why
  • Doe Eye – Wait for You
  • Dominate Legs – Laughing The Whole Time
  • Taxes – Start Stop Start Stop
  • Mister Loveless – Nineties Children



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