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AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop! Playlist for April 2, 2012

Tuesday, April 3

You can count on “DJ AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop!” to play the latest tracks from the finest of the Bay Area’s current indie pop rock scene. You can also count on DJ AmperDan to feature music by bands with shows on the local club calendar. But this week DJ AmperDan seems to be contemplating what happens when “Good Girls Don’t”.


Last week I met Lisa M. from the L.A. pop group NuShu. We were at The Mint in L.A. to see a program called “Songwriters in the Round” that included Vicki Petersen of The Bangles and Maureen Davis of The Flutterbies, (and a fantastic program it was too) and my friend Daryl introduced us. Lisa and I talked about pop music and her band NuShu. I had never heard them, so she gave me copies of their CD’s. Their latest “Joystick” is a collection of ‘covers’, and since I believe cover tunes are one of the best ways to understand what is unique about a band’s sound, I decided it would give me the best insight into NuShu.

I was pretty impressed. NuShu has a great pop rock sound, and great chops. Even on first listening, I was all smiles. And by the end of the five song EP, my face ached from smiling so much. All the songs will be familiar to everyone who has listened to pop music over the last 20 years. And if you’re a fan of pop music, you’ll love this CD as well. The opening track is NuShu’s take on The Knack’s “Good Girls Don’t”. And since I’ve always liked that song, I decided to share it on my show tonight.

Another exciting surprise this week was the release of The Downer Party’s new single “Blue State”. Since Sierra Frost has been working with her old friend Lily in the revitalized Two Seconds, and August Churchill has been working on solo projects and is the new second guitarist in Fake Your Own Death, I assumed The Downer Party was on hold for a while. So I was pleasantly surprised when saw the notice that they were releasing “Blue State”, and I had to get a copy.

“Blue State” is a song that has been a part of The Downer Party’s live set for the last year or so. And even though it is a fine song live, the recording allows you to really hear what is going on in this song, and to appreciate just how talented a songwriter Sierra really is. I’m really jazzed this single is out, and extremely happy to share it on the show tonight.

I didn’t realize it as the show was unfolding, but as I typed up the setlist, I see that starting the show with NuShu’s version of “Good Girls Don’t” set up a dialog about that very subject that runs through out the show. Not ever song addresses that subject, but most do seem to comment on it, or deal with its ramifications. Good girls don’t, but I do.

At least that’s what it seems like to me. Of course this thesis will have to be checked out by listening to the podcast of the show on Radio Valencia’s Podcast archives. Only then can we hear what subconscious themes and motives move behind the scene of yours truly simply spinning his favorite local indie pop and rock records. You should check it out, as I’m sure my therapist will be doing as well.

And speaking of the podcast . . .

You can listen to this show, any past show, or any of the other Radio Valencia show by visiting our website (, clicking the “Podcast” link, and scrolling to the show. There you can download, stream, or subscribe to the podcast of any Radio Valencia show. I suggest you shop around. That’s what makes a station like Radio Valencia so much fun. It’s eclectic.

You can subscribe to my show by visiting  . . . “!” That way you never miss a one.

Now here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • NuShu – Good Girls Don’t
  • The Hundred Days – Tattoo Girl
  • The Dollyrots – Some Girls
  • The Downer Party – Blue State
  • The Aerosols – Would It Be So Bad
  • Feral Kizzy – 22 A Month
  • Good Help – Turn Me On
  • Erin & The Project – Tyger of Wrath
  • Foxtail Brigade – The Hours
  • Rin Tin Tiger – Far Away
  • The Flutterbies – Louder Louder
  • The Soft White Sixties – I’d Rather Lie
  • Lia Rose – Waiting for The End
  • The Child – The President
  • Fake Your Own Death – Bombs Don’t Show Up
  • Heart and Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol – Don’t Panic, Children
  • Books on Tape – Carnival Lights
  • Girl Named T – This Is All I’ll Every Be
  • The Frail – Can I Keep You
  • 8th Grader – Heavy Without You
  • The Bruises – Let Go
  • The Wrong Words – Wrong Again
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Love Me Kill Me
  • Mister Loveless – Good Story
  • Ash Reiter – Oakland
  • Please Do Not Fight – Something Here
  • The She’s – Then It Starts To Feel Like Summer
  • The Dollyrots – Boom Boom



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