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AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop! Playlist for April 9, 2012

Tuesday, April 10

Sometimes, even I am blown away by how good “DJ AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop!” show can be. That doesn’t mean I think I’m all that, I mean at best a DJ just establishes the frame around the art created by others; but sometimes, I’m blown away by the quality and quantity of the art I get to present. And last night’s show is a perfect example of that.


I could bang on about all that went into choosing the tracks I played, and how artfully I programmed them; but the fact of the matter is, it’s the music that makes all the difference. And the music speaks for itself.  So, if you missed the show, or simply want to hear it again, check out the podcast, and you’ll hear what I mean.

Of course, as my psychotherapist continues to remind me, even the selection process and the sequencing of the songs tells a story. A story that reveals what is going on at a deeper level of the DJ’s unconscious desires, dreams, etc. I’ll have to listen to the podcast to see what my choices reveal.

But one thing I do know . . . The music really rocks!

And speaking of the podcast . . .

You can listen to this show, any past show, or any of the other Radio Valencia show by visiting our website (, clicking the “Podcast” link, and scrolling to the show. There you can download, stream, or subscribe to the podcast of any Radio Valencia show. I suggest you shop around. That’s what makes a station like Radio Valencia so much fun. It’s eclectic.

You can subscribe to my show by visiting  . . . “!” That way you never miss a one.

Now here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • Loquat – Harder Hit
  • The Flutterbies – Ace of Spades
  • X – Los Angeles
  • The Love Me Nots – I’m Gonna Be Your Girl
  • The Dollyrots – Bad Reputation
  • Kill Moi – Tortas and Wine
  • Lily Holbrook – Apocalypse Kiss
  • The Wrong Word – Summer’s Gone
  • Feral Kizzy – Bee Charmer
  • Wax Idol – Schedenfreude
  • Rin Tin Tiger – Far Away
  • He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Escape Tonight
  • PreTeen – Left Hand Blues
  • The Soft Bomb – Wake
  • The Downer Party – The One South
  • The Aerosols – Cold Jewelry
  • Best Coast – The Only Place
  • Mister Loveless – Wild Summer
  • Ash Reiter – Heatwave
  • Books on Tape – Asleep On The Telephone
  • The Child – Boomerang
  • Dominate Legs – Hoop of Love
  • Coco Morier – Explosion
  • WhisperTown – Open The Other Eye
  • Girl in A Coma – Smart
  • The Goldenhearts – Star
  • The She’s – Pictures of Houses
  • Loquat – Need Air



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