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AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop! – April 7, 2014

April 8, 2014
6:28 pm

This week’s edition of “AmperDan’s Monday Night Pop!” show found me feeling a bit of the Cali Pride. I wanted to highlight Foxygen’s track “San Francisco”, so I wrapped it in a coat of California Sunshine. But don’t fret, I pulled it back to the Bay Area pretty quickly.  And with so many stellar Bay Area shows on the horizon, how could I not? Check it out!


There are a lot of really great shows coming up, all over the Bay Area. As I try to demonstrate every week on my show, there is a lot of amazing local talent here. And I hope you will join me in supporting and building this local scene. And the best way to do that is to get behind the bands you like.

Really. It takes people taking an interest in what’s out there, check it out, and following up by telling their friends, playing their music, buying their merch, and seeing them again, and again.

And make friends. Heck, I often go to shows by myself safe in the knowledge that I’ll either see someone I’ve met before at other shows, or I’ll make new friends. I mean, we obviously have something important in common. Music.

So go out. Make friends. See bands. And support the local scene. Even if you opnly go see a fraction of the bands I play and recommend, you’ll be on your way to stomping the sphere in a most blissful manner. Check it out.


Anyway, on to the podcast  . . .

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Now here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • Best Coast – The Only Place
  • Foxygen – San Francisco
  • Cheap Trick – California Man
  • Hate Factory – Ferry Song
  • The SHE’S – My Secret To Keep
  • Teenage – Big Squeeze
  • Mister Loveless – Bridge and Tunnel Kids
  • Ash Reiter – Oakland
  • Night Terrors of 1927 – Dust and Bones
  • The Pleasure Kills – Bring Me A Match
  • The Family Crest – Kiss On My List (Hall and Oats Cover)
  • The Theadora Kelly Project – Indie Hipster Kid
  • The Hundred Days – Girl At A Party
  • The Ettes – I Can’t Be True
  • Motobunny – Let’s Go Out
  • The Soft White Sixties – Lemon Squeezer
  • Ume – Black Stone
  • Dirty Ghosts – Shout It In
  • Dangermaker – You’re Not There
  • Holychild – Everytime I Fall
  • The LoveMakers – Love Is Dead
  • The Bruises – Let Go
  • The Movie Stars – Smalltown Lust
  • Mr. Kind – Already Lost You Once
  • Odd Owl – The Way Home
  • M. Lockwood Porter – Secrets
  • Li Xi – Folk Shade
  • Mister Loveless – Curfew



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