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AmperDan’s Mid-Night Pop! Show – August 11/12, 2014

August 12, 2014
6:35 pm

This past Monday marked the four year anniversary of Radio Valencia going “on-the-air” (yeah!). So this week I kicked off “AmperDan’s Mid-Night Pop! Show” with a set of records that I usually reserve for my own birthday. It’s a great little set, with lots of humor, variety, and Bay Area connection. And then we dive deep into the current Bay Area indie pop and rock scene, and don’t come out for 100 minutes or so.  It’s a pretty cool really.


Almost every band whose records I played on this week’s show have shows of their own on the horizon. A lot of them on the weekend of August 15 and 16. Just check the listings, or listen to the podcast. The Bay Area has an embarrassment of riches that weekend.  Which is a blessing and a curse, I realize.

But make a choice, go out and see a couple bands, buy some CDs and tee-shirts, and make new friends. That’s what will keep the scene alive.

“We are what we think.” – Buddah.

“And what we dobbie dobbie do!” – Simone de Hoop


Anyway, on to the podcast  . . .

You can listen to this show, any past show, or any of the other Radio Valencia show by visiting our website (, clicking the “Podcast” link, and scrolling to the show. There you can download, stream, or subscribe to the podcast of any Radio Valencia show. I suggest you shop around. That’s what makes a station like Radio Valencia so much fun. It’s eclectic.

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Now here’s the playlist!

The Playlist

  • Mister Loveless – June
  • Concrete Blonde – Happy Birthday
  • “Sheriff” John Rovick – The Birthday Cake Polka
  • Cracker – Happy Birthday To Me
  • The Love Me Nots – Birthday Present
  • The Soft White Sixties – Welcome To The Crowd
  • The Hot Toddies – Wet Dreams
  • The Hundred Days – Famous Overnight
  • Girl Named T – I Fell In Love With The World Today
  • Mr. Kind – Good Enough
  • Abby Travis – Toast To The Unappreciated
  • Silent Pictures – Souvenir
  • Stripmall Architecture – Rockin Back Inside My Heart
  • I Am Animal – Just You Wait
  • Oona – Trouble
  • Odd Owl – New Americans
  • Survival Guide – Symptoms
  • El Terrible – Last Cab
  • Kitten Grenade – Death Song
  • Rivvrs – I Will Follow You
  • The Tambo Rays – Take That
  • M. Lockwood Porter – Judah’s Gone
  • Paige and The Thousand – Baby It’s Time
  • Brenda Carsey – Someone Like You
  • Rich Girls – Metal Hearts
  • Mister Loveless – Punk Like Me
  • MotoBunny – MotoBunny
  • The LoveMakers – Wanna Go Back



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